Colonial Piano Crafters of York

Colonial Piano Crafters is a certified piano tuning and repair service
covering all of York County and surounding areas

How often should your piano be tuned?

Due to the humidity changes every year, your piano goes sharp in the summer and flat in the winter. The pianos wood expanding and contracting during the humid and dry months of the year causes this. Therefore in the right conditions your piano should be tuned at least twice a year. The relative humidity for a piano to be in is 42% and to hold the longevity of your pianos lifetime, it is best to place your piano away from direct sunlight and any heating or cooling vents.

Our History

In 1969, Richard Truax started his piano service business as the technician for the Baldwin dealer in York County. As time passed the dealership was sold and as piano service grew the Baldwin store closed and Richard was no longer associated with any piano dealer for quite some time. Although there were times when he worked for the various dealers in the area, he mostly worked for many of the school districts and churches as well as York College. During the seventies the business became Colonial Piano Crafters

Prior to working in the piano service industry, Richard Truax was a professional musician playing reed instruments in the military band at West Point. He also played with several popular club bands in the area, as well as teaching reed instruments on the side.